Kindred Yoga

Bringing Magic to the Mat


I’m Kim McGrath – an unconventional yogi, mother of 2, self confessed procrastinator, book nerd, dream traveller and the founder of Kindred Yoga!!!

Being a yogi is not about taking a picture at sunset on a beach somewhere and looking perfect while your arm is stuck in the air and your leg is twisted like a pretzel. Everyone is a yogi if they want to be!!  For me being a yogi is about the reality of real life coming together and embracing our limitations –  it’s okay that today my tree pose is going to be wobbling away in the wind or that I can only get into a gentle version of a backbend or perhaps my 4 year old has decided I am the bridge and it ends up being a tickle fest.  

I believe that when you are your happiest and healthiest version of yourself then that is when you can reach your fullest potential and be the brightest and best version of who you are – hell who doesn’t want that!  For me Yoga helps me feel grounded, it’s my constant companion and like the wind my practice changes as I do – and I love it, it’s just for me, my practice and space to reconnect with myself.

Look I could go on forever preaching the wonders of yoga….but I wont 😊 Instead embrace your limits and accept that this is who you are and just give it a go, open your mind and heart to this gift and see what happens – who knows you might actually like it, and remember……….you don’t come to yoga flexible!!!  

From the words of someone who has procrastination over everything…..once your embrace your limits you can push past them and then your realise they weren’t actually limits after all – just a self manifested pain in the butt we created!  Its that power of knowing who you are and being okay in your own skin that yoga gifts us.

Till we meet on the Mat


Kim x

Welcome to Kindred Yoga where the happiest healthiest version of YOU is the best version of YOU!!

Kindred Yoga was founded in 2016 by myself, Kim who wanted to make yoga accessable to everyone and to remove any pretence of who could do yoga.  To create a space where we let ourselves press pause – even just for a moment and allow ourselves just to be.  

My sessions are for the everyday person. They are real and empowering but totally nurturing and light hearted with an emphasis on making yoga accessable to everyone and anyone that want’s to give it a go.

So join me at one of my retreats or try one of my classes/courses where who you are is who you should be. There’s no beating around the bush here – total acceptance and non-judgement of who you are and allowing you to embrace and push past your limitations!

Lets build a foundation of body and mind together and find that happy healthy version of YOU!

Bringing magic the mat


Kim x


VIYETT Diploma of Yoga Teaching
Yoga Australia Registered Teacher, Level 1 – Member #4129
Bliss Baby Yoga Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training
Zenergy Yoga Advanced Childrens Yoga Teacher Training and Childrens Yoga Therapy Teacher Training